Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus vs. iPad Pro: Which tablet is best?

Samsung won’t let Apple off easily. While continuing its hard-fought battle against the iPhone with its Galaxy smartphones, Samsung is now going after Apple’s flagship tablet, the iPad Pro. To dethrone the king, Samsung has enlisted the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, a 12.4-inch slate with a class-leading display and suite of modern features, including 5G support. 

But dethroning the king of tablets is no easy task. In fact, the iPad Pro doesn’t face much competition. Why? For one, few have invested as much in tablets as Apple, the company credited for popularizing the category. Then there’s the $799 starting price of the iPad Pro, which can quickly jump into quadruple digits. It’s a hard ask for a product only now being considered a primary computing device instead of a laptop backup. And finally, we have to give credit where it’s due: Apple has simply produced better products than its rivals. 


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